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Country Leisure Spas Hot Tub Spa Cover

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We make replacement spa covers for these Country Leisure spa models:
Health Pleaser
Mission Bay
ASTM Manual Safety Cover - ASTM F 1346-91 6N48
Includes new straps and hardware.
SpaMate- Since 1979
Order a SpaMate spa cover custom made to fit your Country Leisure Spa!

Country Leisure Spas Hot Tub Spa Cover Spa Cover Info
Select Country Leisure Spa Model:

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Choose Insert Thickness:
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What is R-Value?
What is Foam Density?
SpaMate Standard
4" to 2"
1 lb. Density Foam
3-Year Warranty
No extra charge.
Check box:

SpaMate High Density
4" to 2", 2 lb. density foam
Upgrade to 2 lb.
Density Foam

3-Year Warranty
Adds $49.00
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SpaMate 624
6" to 4"
2 lb. Density Foam
5-Year Warranty

Adds $169.00
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Heavy-duty, snow-load, stand-on, best for colder climates.

The 624 is a substantial spa cover and should only be used with a cover lift device. Find out more about SpaMate 624.

Choose Cover Underside:
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Waht is Drain and Dry?
Standard Underside
Standard Underside
Solid bottom with
drain holes.
No extra charge.
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SpaMate Drain & Dry
Drain & Dry Underside
Special underside
material captures and drains rising steam
Adds $29.00
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Vapor Barrier:

What is a Double Wrap Vapor Barrier?
Upgrade to Double Wrap 4 mil. Vapor Barrier
for 8 mil. total protection.

Double protection extends cover life.
Adds $29.00

Choose one.

What is a Continuous Hing Seal?
Hinge Seal
Standard Underside
Seals & traps heat at the two ends of the hinge.
No extra charge.
Check box:


Continuous Hinge Seal
Drain & Dry Underside
Seals & traps heat along the entire hinge length.
Adds $25.00
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Add a Spa Cover Lift:

Order a spa cover lift with
your cover and
Find out which cover lift will fit your spa here.

Find out more about our cover lifts here.

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Due to higher shipping costs to a LIMITED NUMBER OF AREAS, we are forced to add a Domestic Island Surcharge to spa cover orders going to only these zip codes.
Delivery and Return Policies: Please allow approximately 3 weeks for shipment of spa covers.
Important: Please read: SpaMate Production Process, Delivery & Return Policies

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