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SpaMate Hot Tub Spa Cover for Your In-Ground Spa

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Hot tub cover for your inground spa.
Are you having trouble finding a new cover for your in-ground spa? Now you can order a custom fit spa cover directly from the manufacturer. Stop fighting with your old waterlogged cover and get back to using your spa again. SpaMate's Drain & Dry Technology will help prevent your new cover from ever getting waterlogged again.

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How to Order
Choose your new spa cover's color, foam density and skirt size on the custom shapes spa cover order page here.

As soon as we receive your online order, we'll send you a custom cover template kit. Simply stretch and anchor the plastic sheet over your spa, mark the top and trace the edge.

Return the template and we'll make your cover to perfectly fit your in-deck spa. You'll have your cover within 4 weeks of our receipt of your template kit. It's just that easy!
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SpaMate Spa Covers

What makes SpaMate the best hot tub cover available?

SpaMate Hot Tub Covers

The Spa Mate is a safety cover which meets or exceeds the ASTM F 1346-91 requirements for spas.
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